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Ashikin M Shines With ‘KEJORA’, A Brand-New Poetry Book
Launched By U-Wei Haji Saari, The 11th Labour of Love By The National Profilic Young Author Earned His Praises As 'Bold & Perfectly Timed'
June 2022

‘KEJORA’ Book Cover.

Published by Ashikin M

Nurul Ashikin or fondly known by Malaysian bibliophiles as Ashikin M has launched her eleventh poetry book today, titled KEJORA. A ceremony filled with an ambience brimming of poetic, magical moments; the book launching ceremony was graced by the prominent Malaysian writer and film director, U-Wei Haji Saari.

‘KEJORA’ Alternative Book Cover.

Published by Ashikin M

Self-published by Ashikin M, KEJORA is her first published poetry book, fully written in Malay language. Even though it is a compilation of her poems, all the poems are linked to one another to tell a far-reaching tale. This time around, Ashikin M embodies the morning star as the main premise of the book. “KEJORA is my first published poetry book ever. It features 30 Malay poems that revolve around the journey of the dreams, philosophy, voyages and conflicts at the crossroads of nostalgia and flow of time. It took me seven years to publish KEJORA, from the brainstorming stage, writing, publishing to the production of a few KEJORA’s odes, all thanks to the wonderful composition by Ayop Azril, a talented composer who really captures the essence of the tale highlighted in this book” said Ashikin M.

Meet Nurul Ashikin or Ashikin M the brilliant author behind ‘KEJORA’.

Photo by Ashikin M

Officiated by U-Wei Haji Saari who took the honour to recite a poem from KEJORA at the book launch event, he cited the Ashikin M’s latest piece of work as ‘bold and perfectly timed’. According to U-Wei, “I am tremendously proud of Ashikin M’s initiatives throughout the process of publishing KEJORA, especially given that this is her first poetry book ever and it is fully written in Malay language. I would love to wholeheartedly congratulate Ashikin M and I am certain that her journey and future in the writing scene are shining as bright as it could ever be. The Malaysian writers’ community is truly proud of her spectacular achievement.” 

U-Wei Haji Saari & Amy Search gracing the event.

Photo by Common Affairs

Ashikin M has made a name for herself not only as a writer but also an explorer and a strategy expert in the corporate sector. Hailing from Ipoh, Perak, Ashikin M also used to collaborate with two Indonesian authors to publish The Colour of Regret in 2021 when the world came to a total halt due to the pandemic. Some of Ashikin M’s previous publications include Pabila Pesawat Bertemu Bulan, Mimpi-Mimpi Nomad, Mencari Warna Malaikat dan Si Romantik Yang Sudah Mati. Ashikin M explained, “I have always wanted to publish a compilation of my own poems, but poetry to me is the epitome of love in the uncertain times. I needed to embark on a long journey to find the power in my own voice when it comes to writing, which I decided to take my baby steps by writing short stories. Then, I transitioned to writing novels and experimenting with multiple forms of poetry. I retain my prose-styled voice in my poetic journey this time around as in the end, all I want to do is to tell a tale. Storytelling is an inseparable element from my entity even until this moment”.

‘KEJORA’ book launching ceremony.

Photo by Metal Bees Production House

The ceremony was serenaded by the selected odes from KEJORA which are Sementara Kata-kata Terakhirmu Hilang, Senja Merah di Pergelangan Tanganmu dan Kisah Cahaya di Persada Antarsika. Among the ceremony’s guests were Amy Search who entertained the audience with Isabella, Rozana and of course, Kejora from Search’s first group album, Cinta Buatan Malaysia (1985). These songs were specifically curated as a nod to the book’s main character and the honorary theme of women’s beauty and strength portrayed in KEJORA. A few Malaysian household names from the writing scene such as Dina Zaman, Khairul Anuar dan Shaz Johar were also present at the ceremony to display their support for Ashikin M, and the overall feedback on KEJORA is wrapped in a positive outlook. The combination of literature, storytelling, musical and pop culture presented by Ashikin M at the book launch ceremony earned singing praises from the guests as well. 

Ashikin M explained the ‘KEJORA’ book during the launching ceremony.

Photo by Common Affairs

Priced at RM25 (excluding postage charges), KEJORA is distributed by Terbitan Langit and now available on @terbitanlangit @puisikejora and @ashmhydn’s Instagram pages. For more information on Ashikin M, log on to

KEJORA book launch event was powered by JCPR and DW Events; and supported by  Staedtler Malaysia, Common Ground, Blvck Coffee, Burrow KL, Salixium and Cultkids.

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