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Kit Woo: “FIXATE / MUTATE” FW22 Collection
Kit Woo Presents His Most Complicated Yet Poised Collection At Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2022 
September 2022

“Do we keep pursuing an ultimate form or do we let it evolve and be something new?”. This is the question that kept ringing in Kit Woo’s already bustling head while ideating and executing his F/W 2022. Questions aside, the collection was presented to a responsive audience who applauds the sheer confidence of his pieces sent down the runway. 

This season, Kit Woo explores the endless possibility of deconstruction and reconstruction, pondering the reason why some processes and ideas may take longer to achieve its ultimate form. “I really did took my time with this collection. I wanted to allow myself the opportunity to explore every aspect of the garment and its possibilities. I may have gone overboard a few times, and as such, editing is another big part of this collection as well”, says Kit Woo, the founder and creative director of his namesake brand. 

This collection is also a lesson – a lesson of patience and resilience hence, the name “FIXATE / MUTATE”. “The process is arduous as I am consistently bombarded with questions that came from within me. Do we fixate on an idea until we are completely broken or we let it mutate? The collection features intricate tailoring, including a key piece that our team spent severals months developing, the “infinity tailored suit”, a jacket that draws its likeness from the möbius strip, a single-sided surface with no boundaries, an infinite loop with twists and turns, similar to that of life as well as the creative process”, explains kit further.

With shifted silhouettes and centre fronts, this collection continues to stay true to the brand’s DNA, highlighting its signature use of deconstruction, whilst taking into account other factors such as cut, drape and shape as its main focus. 

“I want this collection to look believable no matter how intricate it is. The ultimate dream of any designer is to see their garments being worn in real life and for people to feel fantastic wearing it while going about living their own life. The brand is evolving and we would like for our fans and audience to come with us on this journey. “FIXATE/MUTATE” might sound a little bit intimidating but in this world that we live in right now, it is necessary for us to allow ourselves the latitude and freedom to experiment”. 

At KLFW this year, kit woo’s show was attended by many of the brand’s celebrity fans such as Ella – Malaysia’s queen of rock, Aina Abdul, Awal Ashaari, DOLLA and Nazim Othman who also walked the show – an indicator of how the brand has slowly but very surely gaining attention from the who’s who of the country’s fashion set. 

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