KUANTUM: Cyberpunk 2023
Brings together performers across soundscapes for one experiential night to set your minds and hearts ablaze at REXKL
March 2023

Kuantum Volume II Live @ PJPAC (2022)

Photo by Kuantum

The Kuantum team is excited to announce the lineup of talented artists for Kuantum: Cyberpunk edition, to be held on March 11, 2023, at REXKL. This partnership event with Shared Mind Visuals, Filamen, Altered Vision, MMU, Vuevossa & Voidrealm will feature not only an incredible music lineup like Cerikapak, Angqasa, Dora, Odd & Victor G but also a diverse range of visual and installation artists.

Following the success of their debut event in 2020, Kuantum aims to transport guests into a captivating and immersive world of Cyberpunk, featuring high-tech and dystopian atmospheres, mesmerizing visual projection mapping displays, and installations that pulse to the rhythm of the music.

Live Act & DJ by Cerikapak, Angqasa, Dora, Odd & Victor G

Photo by Kuantum

The visual artists for Kuantum: Cyberpunk edition include Mud Layar, Zhonk Vision, Tsa Meera, Takasahi Aiman, and Fauzi Yusoff. These talented artists will present their unique perspectives on the theme, creating immersive and stunning visual displays that utilize projection mapping and digital art.

Kuantum: Cyberpunk edition will also feature installation artists UnrealityKai, Dora Harun, Ghetho Playground, and MMU students, who will showcase their interactive and thought-provoking installations, utilizing a range of mediums to challenge attendees to ponder the intersection of technology, art, and society.

Installation artists by UnrealityKai, Dora HarunGhetho Playground

Photo by Kuantum

With such a diverse and talented lineup of music, visual art, and installation art, the Kuantum team invites everyone to dress up to their cyberpunk interpretation and join them at REXKL on March 11, 2023, for an unforgettable night immersed in the world of Cyberpunk.

In the meantime, here is the highlight from the previous Kuantum 2020 event live at REXKL to whet your appetite below here:

Terence C & SharedMindVisuals collective for Kuantum Live @ REXKL (2020)

Video by Kuantum

For those who are interested to join the Kuantum: Cyberpunk 2023 party, you can purchase your tickets here and have access to the Kuantum exclusive after-party.

For more information about the event do visit their official website here and follow their official social media account on Instagram: @kuantum_project, Facebook: kuantumproject & YouTube: @kuantum-project

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