Zainal Abidin Is All Set To Thrill Music Fans For A Special New Year’s Eve Show At The BEE, Publika
To be backed by a band comprising some of Malaysia’s best world-renowned musicians, the show promises to be the perfect kickstart to an inspiring and triumphant 2023
December 2022

We are merely five days away to usher in the new year and Malaysia’s musical legend,  Zainal Abidin (also Datuk Zainal Abidin or simply Zainal), casually dropped a surprise announcement that he will be performing at The Bee, Publika this New Year’s Eve, 31 December 2022 (Saturday) at 8pm.

Aptly called ZAINAL ABIDIN NYE SPECIAL, the show will witness the national icon’s return to an intimate setting that is fashioned to thrill his contingent of die-hard fans and music lovers in general. Not one to shy away from continually bringing the best to ensure a knockout show,  Zainal has also put out that he will be backed by Mac Chew (keyboards), Lewis Pragasam (drums), Steve Thornton (percussions), Daniel Foong (bass) and Sham Kamikaze (guitars). 

The one & only Malaysia’s musical legend, Datuk Zainal Abidin Mohamed

Photo by Zainalabidin

“These are literally the best musicians in Malaysia and are sought after globally for their knowledge and expertise. (But) these guys have all played together for a number of years, some since the beginning of my solo career, and they understood my music like the back of their hands. I am grateful that we have the privilege to share a stage again this New Year’s Eve at The Bee to entertain our fans”, says Zainal Abidin.

As the organiser of ZAINAL ABIDIN NYE SPECIAL, Rahul Kukreja of RK Live Asia adds, “After a string of successful concerts under our belt this year from both local and international artists, we thought that we could comfortably close the year and start preparing for what’s to come in 2023. However, when Zainal voiced his interest to conclude 2022 with a special one-night-only show, we jumped at this opportunity to work with him.

Datuk Zainal Abidin Live was taken in April 2010

Photo by Arm / Flickr

Zainal is not just a voice of his generation known for his impressive music catalogue, dynamic live shows, awards and various other achievements, but an artist who has truly helped to shape the Malaysian music industry. The timeline is tight, but as a professional, I have absolute confidence in Zainal and his band of maestros. Together, we promise you not just an entertaining show, but a perfect kickstart to an inspiring and triumphant new year”. 

Zainal’s vast body of work from back when he was the vocalist of 80’s synth-pop band, Headwind, means that the artist whose unique sound is commonly referred to as  ‘world music’, would always find it hard to pick out the best songs as his show repertoire. That said, he explains, “It’s a collaborative effort as my band would also share their sentiment on the songs that made the cut, other than our must-haves such as ‘Hijau’. Also, this is when experience comes into play especially the ability to read the room. I am not just a singer and performer, I am a musician myself and I feed off the band and audience’s energy, so flexibility is an important factor”.

Zainal Abidin New Year’s Eve Special One-Night-Only Show Live @ The BEE, Publika

Poster by RK Live Asia

“This New Year’s Eve show is different mainly because it is intimate and would feel even more personal. I have performed at numerous outdoor new year concerts in front of thousands of screaming fans, and it’s easier to hide (any) shortfalls. However, in a close setting such as this, there is literally no room for mistakes. It’s definitely one for the books. Get your tickets now!”, Zainal enthused. 

Tickets can be purchased via pre-booking and guests can also walk in on event day (available up to a limited number of tickets). General admission tickets are priced starting from RM83.00, while table packages start from RM300.00. Information may change from time to time, and terms and conditions apply strictly to ensure the smooth running of the event and guest management. For more information on ZAINAL ABIDIN NYE SPECIAL, and to book your tickets and packages, kindly Whatsapp The Bee at +60175654233

And while you are reading this do check out one of Datuk Zainal Abidin’s amazing albums that are Common Affairs’ favourites here.

The iconic album “Hijau”

Album by Zainalabidin / Spotify

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